A few words about us

The Society for Children with Metabolic disorders is a humanitarian organization devoted to helping children, adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes and their families. It was founded in 1995. The work of the Society is based on more than forty years of experience of the Endocrinology Department at the Pediatric Clinic of Ljubljana. Under the guidance of prof. dr. Leo Matajc, prim. Ljubica Brus and prof. dr. Ciril Kržišnik numerous activities with the aim of improving the quality of life of children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes have been undertaken.

The work of the Society is aimed at improving the well being of children and adolescents at the Clinical Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Disease at the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana.

The Society organizes summer camps for the children and adolescents with diabetes, phenylketonuria and rheumatic diseases and issues professional literature on diabetes and annually publishes the magazine called »Sladkorčki«. It also organizes an annual meeting for young people with Diabetes Type 1.


Društvo za pomoč otrokom s presnovnimi motnjami
Bohoričeva 20, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 40 747 874
e-mail: info@sladkorcki.si

Registration number: 5902053000
Tax number: SI27629651
Bank account:
03100-1012228080 SKB

President: Nataša Bratina
Vice president: Mihaela Jurčec

What is Diabetes Type 1?

Diabetes Type 1 is a chronic autoimmune disease, present everywhere around the world. Most commonly children and adolescents are affected, but it can also affect adults up to the age of 45.

Epidemiological studies show that the incidence of Diabetes Type 1 increases approximately 4% every year. This trend has also been observed in Slovenia, where in the last fifteen years the average age of children at the time of diagnosis decreased for 3 years. In 2000 the average age at diagnosis was 12 years, whereas today it is less than 9.

Who are »Sladkorčki«?

We named the children with Diabetes Type 1 »Sladkorčki«.

Because Diabetes Type 1 is a lifelong condition, our members are also adult people, who have Diabetes since their childhood or youth. Some of them live with it already for more than 50, 60 years.

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